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Supporting industry standards to streamline energy efficiency projects

Investor Ready Energy Efficiency | Energy Performance Protocol | Investor Confidence Project

The Investor Confidence Project™ (ICP) provides a retrofit project roadmap that supports effective project development from start to finish. Administered by GBCI, ICP is a global underwriting framework for developing and evaluating energy efficiency retrofit projects and includes the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE) certification.

By outlining requirements for energy efficiency retrofits with transparent industry-standard protocols, ICP can help reduce development transaction costs, streamline project assessment, and increase confidence in energy efficiency outcomes.

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ICP Program Information Factsheet

ICP Protocols Information Factsheet

ICP Project Registry

ICP certified with Investor Ready Energy Efficiency

IREE certification signals to investors that projects were developed by qualified project developers and meet the requirements of the ICP Protocols as verified by an ICP Quality Assurance Assessor (QAA) . The certification’s protocols provide investors with a consistent roadmap for assessing risk and comparing retrofit project investment opportunities, and support a more streamlined project approval process.

Projects are certified by GBCI Canada only after an independent ICP QA Assessor verifies the project has met all requirements. ICP QA Assessors are qualified third-party reviewers that ensure certified projects have followed industry best practices and standards for baselining, savings calculations, commissioning, operations and maintenance, and measurement and verification planning.

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ICP in Canada

In the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, Canadian governments recognized the important role retrofitting existing buildings would play in reaching Canada’s targeted emissions reductions.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank’s Commercial Building Retrofits Initiative is one way to meet the government’s goals . Part of the $10 billion Growth Plan that aims to stimulate jobs creation and strengthen the economy through new infrastructure investments, this program leverages $2 billion in funding for decarbonizing retrofits in privately-owned commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings.

The program is open to building owners or third-party retrofit aggregators. To qualify, the investment opportunity must be a minimum of $25 million and the projects must achieve IREE certification.

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Canadian IREE certified projects

Woodgreen Project
Toronto, Ontario
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301 Prudential Drive
Toronto, Ontario
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ICP Project Fees

Registering a project is the first step toward earning IREE certification. Contact GBCI Canada customer service to process your registration and certification fee in Canadian dollars and with appropriate Canadian taxes applied. Registration and certification fees are not refundable and may change at any time.

Project Protocol Category
Type of Service Targeted Standard/Basic Large
Registration $140 $700 $1,050
Certification $350 $1,900 $3,750
Total $490 $2,600 $4,800

Note, the above fees do not include the cost of the QA Assessor process.

Quality Assurance Assessors

ICP Quality Assurance (QA) Assessors are a critical part of the IREE certification process. QA Assessors provide the independent third-party verification required to ensure projects comply with ICP protocols and achieve certification. ICP QA Assessors need to be fully knowledgeable of the IREE certification requirements and possess industry credentials and experience. QA Assessors are independent to the transaction to ensure that projects are objectively verified and meet ICP's project development quality standards.

QA Assessors in Canada:

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